Secure Content Collaboration

Elsynz fosters secure content collaboration for enterprises

Drive Collaboration

Share documents on any device, sync across multiple devices and control access to files and documents for internal and external collaboration securely.

Complete Control

Elsynz on-premise server lets enterprises self-host data across a private server and get complete control over sensitive data.

Simplified Team Collaboration

Take collaboration to the next level while keeping security intact. Whether you’re sending documents to contractors or working with a trusted client, Elsynz provides complete security.

Secure Content Collaboration With Elsynz

Content collaboration tools are designed to help businesses boost content productivity and work harmoniously online. They typically allow collaborative editing of documents, workflow capabilities, task management and content management. Content is accessible via desktop, web and mobile interfaces, and collaboration is borderless. A content collaboration platform is a comprehensive file sync and share solution offering features and options to manage business critical and sensitive data.

Elsynz is a comprehensive system for collaborating on files and documents in a simple, streamlined, speedy and secure manner. The typical content collaboration process is complicated and happens across one too many touchpoints. Elsynz, through its capabilities, add-ons and integrations, creates a structured, reliable system for collaborating with internal and external entities. Everyone has one system for working on content and are able to get more work done in less time.

“The Best Cloud-Based Substitute Solution For Data Sharing And Collaboration”

“Our entire team uses the Elsynz to secure their information, and it includes encryption features. We’ll use antivirus and ransomware protection to automatically scan our data. It gives us complete control over our company’s data. The user experience is amazing, and it’s very straightforward to set up and connect to our internal storage.”

How Else Does Elsynz Help?

With Elsynz, you can control file sharing access, access data remotely using any device, preview documents, edit documents using office 365 in-built add on, use outlook capabilities within Elsynz and data loss prevention features to monitor, prevent, and fix data leakage assuring your corporate data is protected at all times.

Boost adoption:

A simple and clear interface makes collaboration easier and feel safer, particularly when working with sensitive data and collaborating with multiple teams, partners, clients and freelancers.

Minimize complexity:

Content exists in various forms and on various platforms. Our content collaboration platform integrates and cooperates with other software to drive unprecedented levels of collaboration.

Share files quickly:

Sharing large amount of data shouldn’t take ages when you use the best content collaboration tools. Elsynz allows all file types and sizes, and makes uploading and sending them a speedy affair.

Hyper Secure Cloud File Storage

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File sharing and sync

Securely share and sync files, photos and videos with employees and clients. Our solution integrates easily with your IT infrastructure and storage.

Custom branding

Tailor Elsynz to your brand logo and colors on web and mobile. Run Elsynz under your own domain and make it all about you!

Exceptional safety

Ransomware protection, encryption at rest and in transit, and automatic anti-virus scanning ensure data security and privacy. Elsynz is GDPR, HIPAA, FINRA and FIPS 140-2 compliant.

Efficient collaboration

Enable powerful collaboration and productive communication with smart notifications, file activity tracking and custom workflows. File locking and file upload restrictions keep security at the forefront.

Sync, share and mobile access

Access, share and sync files from anywhere and any device. Sync content across computers and smartphones. Allow access to files from iOS/Android mobile apps.

Office, Outlook add-ons

Upload MS Outlook file attachments to Elsynz and send a share link. Edit documents directly from Word, Excel or PowerPoint. Integrate with LibreOffice and edit documents in the browser.

Define collaboration on your own terms

Elsynz is a comprehensive content collaboration platform. Make the most of features such as document previews, advanced public and private file sharing, and granular folder permissions.

Admin features

Administrators can set role-based access, manage all connected devices and set granular security policies. Analytics and reports and audit trials assist with evaluation and improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is content collaboration?

Content collaboration is a process in which employees can use and share content both inside and outside the organization, on mobile and desktop.

What are content collaboration tools?

Content collaboration tools allow teams and their clients to access, sync, share and collaborate on files. Elsynz is a leading tool for secure content collaboration.