Data Compliance

Update your compliance strategy with Elsynz


Encryption, antivirus scanning, remote device management, 2FA, data leak protection, and granular sharing options are only the beginning of Elsynz’s commitment to security.

Fine-Tuned Control

Maintain control over your data with Digital Rights Management settings in Elsynz. Restrict view, download, and share options and automate retention policies for files.

Responsive Solution

Step up your compliance strategy with ITAR, GDPR, and HIPAA configurations that put Elsynz’s powerful settings and policies at your fingertips.

Flexible and Intuitive Data Compliance

Data security and compliance are two overlapping yet distinct concepts. Security involves all the tools, protocols, hardware, and software that go into protecting data from unauthorized or malicious access. Data compliance indicates that minimum levels of security required by regulations have been met. Different regulations may set standards for one element of data (e.g., storage, sharing permissions, password requirements, etc.) or the entire platform (encryption, retention policies, admin capabilities, etc.).

Regulations leveraged by industries, countries, and institutions ensure that organizations have sufficient infrastructure and protocols in place to protect sensitive data from loss, misuse, corruption, or theft. These protective standards are increasingly important as more data is generated and physical data is digitized.

Responsive to Industry Needs

Data compliance is an evolving standard for security, as new technology and threats develop. Requirements are updated, which makes compliance a moving target. A proper solution is responsive to the changing industry needs and regulatory landscape. As an enterprise-grade, file storage and sharing platform, Elsynz is committed to developing real solutions for security and compliance needs. This includes maintaining an evolving knowledge of requirements and the creation of innovative tools that address regulatory pain points.

Compliance-Conscious Tools

Elsynz offers powerful and intuitive tools that help address data compliance requirements. The examples listed here are just a few of the features you can leverage within your Elsynz environment. Take the tour to find out how Elsynz can support your data compliance strategy.

Data Leak Prevention (DLP)

Through custom metadata sets and a content classification engine, admins can build an automated array of DLP rules to safeguard data and prevent leaks.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

Is another tool that helps protect confidential documents, files, and e-books against unauthorized copying and distribution. Limit sharing, printing, and screenshots, encrypt files and folders, and revoke access at any time.

Compliance Center

Is an easy-to-use dashboard that connects Elsynz’s features and tools with regulatory requirements. GDPR, HIPAA, and ITAR configurations support compliance officers, IT admins, and CTOs in building a more robust compliance strategy.

Powerful Data Compliance Tools and Features

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End-to-end encryption secures data in transit and at rest, through SSL/TLS protocols and AES 256-bit encryption standards.

Granular File & Folder Sharing

Remove public access to files or set view-only access to limit downloads, sharing, and editing.

Data Anonymization

Admins can anonymize data to satisfy GDPR requirements. They can also use pattern search to identify PII and send reports to satisfy user enquiries.

Large File Sharing

Unlimited storage supports large file sharing and industry-specific file extensions like DICOM and CAD files.

Unlimited, Free Client Accounts

Extend hyper-secure file sharing to clients, end-users, subcontractors, and vendors without running up your Elsynz license.

Antivirus, Malware, & Ransomware Protection

Integrated protections scan file and folder uploads for potential threats. Endpoint backups protect data and minimize loss.

Data Leak Prevention

DLP provides protection throughout the data lifecycle. Admins can create and modify rules easily to safeguard files and folders.

Retention Scheduling

Elsynz offers hierarchical retention policies that can be automated through DLP and content classification.

HIPAA and GDPR Tabs Added to Compliance Center

Many file-sharing applications are available in the market. To choose the best solution, look at the most granular security features. Most consumer-grade file sharing companies optimize their solutions for easy file sharing rather than security.

Many companies share your private data with others Elsynz offers one of the most powerful, secure file sharing for business, specifically built for enterprises. You don’t need to take our word but trust companies like yours who chose us. Please try it yourself and find why we are growing at a much faster pace than dropbox and Box.

Compliance and Security in Elsynz

Elsynz’s innovative suite of features and security policies make it a powerful solution to answer compliance requirements across industries.

These include FINRA, Sarbanes-Oxley, and SEC requirements for the banking and financial services industry, HIPAA for healthcare and life sciences research, GDPR for retail, manufacturing, and customer service firms, ITAR for defense contractors and government departments, and CMMC for Information Technology service providers.

On-Premises, Cloud, or Hybrid Hosting

Choose the service that best fits your companies needs and existing infrastructure.

Run Elsynz on-premises behind your company firewall. You can also opt for Elsynz Online, so Elsynz handles all the hosting in our world class data centers, in a region of your choice.

Alternatively, you can select a hybrid hosting option for high-touch and archived data.