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Why We Use Cookies

HTTP cookies (or internet cookies) are very small text files that contain information based on name-value pairs. These files help identify users visiting a website. Each visit or session generates the creation of cookies, which are stored in a user’s browser. Cookie-related technologies includes web beacons, tracking pixels, images, and scripts, which assist in the delivery of deliver cookies, data gathering, performance analysis and information management on websites.

Cookies and cookie-related technologies are used to support basic page functions and performance as well as marketing research. If a user makes a repeat visit to the website, the cookies in their browser settings can help determine how the page loads and what information to present. As a whole, cookies help websites provide a more personal and convenient experience for internet users, from remembering login credentials to filling out forms to presenting targeted ads.

However, because cookies can be used to identify and track user movements and activities online, they also represent a potential privacy concern. This is why websites offer cookie settings, so you can customize the information that a website collects.

Elsynz is a hyper-secure, compliance-friendly Content Collaboration Platform (CCP). Our solutions are organized around digital security and privacy, so we understand the importance of protecting your personal information. This includes the information gathered by cookies that accrue as a result of visiting our marketing and service sites. You can learn more about the cookies we use and how to manage your settings below.

Elsynz and Third-Party Cookies

Strictly Necessary Cookies

These cookies are set directly by the Elsynz website, products, and related services (together referred to as the “Site“) and are thus referred to as “first-party cookies”. They directly impact the functions and performance of the website/services and cannot be disabled.

Name Purpose
Elsynz Elsynz Site uses cookies to remember preferences and settings, analyze site usage, authenticate users, manage sessions, maintain security, and determine if cookies are enabled. Users cannot opt-out of Elsynz functional cookies, or they will be unable to access or use Elsynz Services.
reCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA cookies help improve the security of the site by identifying spam and abuse with traffic analyses. reCAPTCHA helps block bots and automated software from engaging maliciously or abusively with the site.


Select first-party and third-party cookies support site visits, content experiments, page performance, and session management. This includes interactive components like trial sign-ups, chat box, and product demo registrations. Identifying information (name, phone number, email address, etc.) must be collected to deliver these services upon user request. This information is used directly by Elsynz to improve the customer experience and meet service requests.

Name Purpose
Calendly This cookie is used on the Elsynz site to support scheduling requests for Elsynz demos. It identifies and authenticates users and saves site login information. Learn more here.
Olark This cookie supports the live chat/instant messaging functions on the website, including identifying visitors across devices as well as unique visits and maintaining message history across pages. Learn more here.
Google Optimize This cookie supports A/B Testing by identifying users and content experiments in order to measure engagement.
Stripe This cookie supports payment processing for Elsynz editions by remembering and supplying saved user information.

Analytics & Advertising

Elsynz uses select third-party cookies for advertising, marketing, and social media purposes. These cookies provide information like number of unique visits, page visit duration, and page heatmaps (how long a user lingers on a specific area of the page).

Elsynz uses this information to determine which information our visitors and customers find most relevant across our website. These cookies are only used on our marketing website, not sites to access services.

Information collected by third party cookies may be used in advertising and marketing campaigns, website customization, or visitor notification of services. You can find more details on how third parties utilize information collected by cookies by visiting their respective privacy policies.

Name Purpose
Google Analytics This cookie stores and updates a unique value for each visit to track page views. Learn more here. If you want to opt-out, you can do so here.
Google Tag Manager This cookie registers statistical data on users’ behavior on the website for internal analytics.
Google Ads Google helps us target search engine marketing, track how users interact with the Elsynz, and target advertisements on other websites. Google services include AdWords and Dynamic Remarketing. Learn more here. If you want to opt-out, you can do so here.
Hotjar Hotjar sets a unique ID for a user’s session, which allows the website to obtain data on visitor behavior for statistical purposes. Specifically, Hotjar collects statistics on visits to the website, including number of visits, average time spent, and what pages were read. Learn more here. If you want to opt-out, you can do so here.
LinkedIn Ads This cookie enables targeted advertising on LinkedIn. More information about LinkedIn Ads cookies can be found here.
Facebook Pixel This cookie enables targeted advertising to appear in your Facebook feed, based on your visit to a Elsynz page. Meta Pixel cookies also enable Elsynz to track conversions, define custom audiences, and build ad campaigns.
Leadfeeder This cookie tracks pages viewed, visitor source, time spent on the site, and IP address to support Account-Based-Marketing (ABM) and Business-to-Business (B2B) marketing objectives.

How to Adjust Cookie Settings

Browser Settings

Cookie settings for websites are saved in web browsers, as well as general cookie preferences. You can adjust your default cookie preferences to remove or reject cookies or even prompt you before accepting cookies.

You can also delete cookies from your device through your browser cookie settings. This may be listed under Settings > Privacy. You can click to allow cookies (it may also appear as “local data”) or you can uncheck the box to disallow cookies.

To adjust your cookie history on your computer, independent of a browser, to go “Settings” and look for the “Privacy” section. Cookie settings may also appear under “Tools” or “Internet Options,” depending on your operating system. Simply follow the prompts to manage or remove cookies.

More information about cookies can be found at and at

Page Settings

When you visit our page, you can adjust your cookie settings specifically for our website by choosing to enable or disable optional cookies. Strictly necessary cookies or functional support the function and performance of the marketing and service sites and cannot be disabled. Certain third-party and additional cookies use for marketing and consumer research can be disabled.


The information collected by cookies is covered under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). If you are a resident of California, you can choose to opt out from the sharing of your information.

By opting out or disabling cookies, you may find that website performance is affected, certain functions are diminished, and that services like the chat box or trial registrations are no longer available. Opting out of information sharing will not prevent you from being served with generic ads, but it will prevent the occurrence of targeted ads.

Any information that is collected by third-party cookies is subject to their respective privacy policies and are not subject to Elsynz’s Cookie or Privacy Policies. If you opt out, Elsynz will disable these cookies from collecting any further information during visits to our website thereafter.

Information that has been previously collected is not covered by the opt out request; as a result, these cookies may still be saved on your device. You can delete these cookies from your history by navigating to your computer’s Settings>Tools or Internet Options.


Should you have any questions or to inquire further about the Cookie Notice, please visit our Privacy Policy or contact Elsynz by emailing

Date: November 19th, 2022