Secure File Sharing On Premises or in the Cloud

Unparalleled Protection for Confidential Enterprise Data

Secure File Collaboration

Providing extra layers of security for file collaboration has become necessary for enterprises. Globally dispersed teams and increasingly elaborate cyber-attack techniques call for superior protection measures. Elsynz offers enterprises multiple layers of security, while still facilitating fluid collaboration.

Zero Trust File Sharing for Enterprises

Zero Trust is the next generation of infrastructure security, and Elsynz reflects this at every level. The platform incorporates a Zero Trust File SharingSM feature for impenetrable security. Files in your Zero Trust container are fully secure because they can be accessed only by trusted parties.

Compliant File Sharing

Adhering to regulatory demands such as HIPAA, GDPR, and ITAR can be a challenge. Elsynz has powerful inbuilt compliance features to make it simpler. Enterprises can automate compliance for large volumes of data. Elsynz removes much of the manual work and offers the strongest data security capabilities possible in today’s market.

Secure File Collaboration from Any Device

Access files remotely without security concerns. Elsynz lets you preview documents, such as DICOM and CAD files, from anywhere. In addition, you can collaborate seamlessly on Office 365, Google Docs, and many other file types.

Elsynz has a powerful suite of security features to protect your system from malware, unauthorized access, and privacy breaches. These include Data Leak Prevention (DLP) rules, file retention policies, and workflow automation. You can also password-protect files when sharing to guard against unauthorized access. Additionally, Elsynz administrators can specify file extensions that are allowed or disallowed by the system, which helps prevent files with malicious payloads from being uploaded.

Our industry-first Zero Trust File SharingSM, unavailable with any other file-sharing platform, can be used to provide extra protection for highly sensitive or confidential data for an impenetrable layer of security.

Exceptional Security with Zero Trust Principles Ingrained

Elsynz is a powerful yet intuitive file-sharing solution that supports enterprises with inbuilt Zero Trust features that help protect sensitive and confidential enterprise data. Its robust feature stack enables real-time collaboration, remote access, granular permissions, multi-layered authorization, and authentication security to create a hyper-secure, Zero Trust collaboration environment.

To learn about the overall principles of the Zero Trust cybersecurity framework, as well as Elsynz’s Zero Trust capabilities, download the Elsynz Zero Trust File Sharing white paper.

Advanced File Security

Secure your business files without compromising on flexibility and speed while collaborating on documents. Elsynz allows you to share confidential information, large files, and other business data without worrying about unauthorized access or leaks. Our enterprise file-sharing security stack enables easy collaboration without worrying about unauthorized access or data breaches.

Zero Trust File Sharing

  • Active Directory integration
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Endpoint device protection
  • Comprehensive audit trail
  • 256-bit AES SSL encryption at rest

GDPR, HIPAA, ITAR Compliance Center

  • Automatic anti-virus scanning of files
  • Unlimited file versioning and locking
  • SSO (single sign-on)
  • Granular user and file permissions
  • Client application security policies

Extend Your Enterprise Brand Identity

Increase trust and recognition of your brand identity when sharing files internally and externally with Elsynz customization. Our highly flexible branding capabilities for both desktop and mobile browsers help improve relationships with both clients and vendors.

You can add your enterprise logo and colors to all areas of the Elsynz UI, including login screens, admin dashboard, user portals, and watermarks. Elsynz also lets you adapt messages sent to users to fit your enterprise brand, including the Terms of Service, welcome messages to users, and password reset messages.

Hyper Secure Cloud File Storage

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Customized Enterprise File Sharing

Elsynz has flexible customization options that let you build an enterprise branded file-sharing portal in minutes. You can use your company logo, customized login screens, and a custom URL for full brand recognition and familiarity.

Another way of aligning Elsynz with your identity is through seamless integration of your Active Directory. You can control user access to files and add links to the user navigation menu with specific prompts.

Simple Yet Secure File Sharing with Smart Notifications

Enabling smart notifications within Elsynz means that once you share a file, you receive a notification when anyone accesses or edits the file.

This ability to monitor file activity helps to protect your enterprise from unauthorized users seeing confidential or sensitive information and reduces the risk of data leaks.

Granular Permissions for Secure File Sharing

Share files via a simple link, or even via a QR code. For that extra tier of security, you can password-protect your files, as well as set expiration dates and download limits.

Apply granular file and folder permissions to determine permitted user actions in relation to read, write, download, share, and upload.

Remote Access with Secure, Real-Time Sync

Elsynz’s robust feature stack for secure file sharing includes virtual drive access, client file sharing portals, custom upload forms, selective sync, endpoint backup, and real-time file editing support. Streamlined enterprise file sync and allows real-time collaboration across Windows, Mac, and Linux.

You can also edit documents in the Elsynz UI in real time, and the changes will be automatically reflected in the Elsynz server.

Simplified Data Governance & Compliance

Protect data with Elsynz’s set of user-friendly data governance and compliance features. Automate content classification with built-in or customized metadata to remove the manual work from ensuring data visibility.

You can also use federated search for seamless e-discovery, apply retention policies, and restrict file access with Data Leak prevention (DLP). Elsynz’s comprehensive Digital Rights Management (DRM) capability allows you to achieve full ownership over all intellectual property.

Multi-Device File Access

Elsynz provides access to files through desktop and mobile apps that are simple to use. By connecting Elsynz to existing storage in the enterprise, such as Amazon S3 or Windows network drives, Elsynz can operate as a single access point for files across your enterprise. This allows users to collaborate securely from anywhere using an elegant, enterprise branded UI, without the need for a VPN.

Extensive Integrations for Easy Collaboration

Edit files and collaborate in real time with Elsynz’s flexible integrations. Use Microsoft Office 365, Office, and Outlook, as well as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Gmail for real-time editing and syncing.

Elsynz also integrates with Apple Pages, Numbers, and Keynote Apps; OnlyOffice; Zapier; and Collabora.

Powerful Admin Capabilities

The Elsynz Administrator portal has an intuitive UI that allows admins to view a snapshot of the system. Its powerful capabilities include detailed audit logs, advanced reports, and user counts. Admins can manage remote devices and remotely wipe data from lost or stolen devices, as well as blocking users and devices.

Additionally, Elsynz admins can manage users and groups, control file and folder access, and assign file and folder permissions as needed. They can also manage disk usage, storage quotas, and licenses.

Unlimited External Accounts for Great ROI

Elsynz offers great ROI with unlimited, free external accounts that do not add to your license count. This enables unlimited hyper-secure file sharing with collaborators external to your enterprise, such as vendors, clients, and partners.

Hybrid Cloud Deployment

Elsynz can be deployed as a hybrid cloud infrastructure. A combination of private on-site and public cloud hosting provides the perfect solution in today’s flexible work environments. With Elsynz, you can facilitate low latency file access on site, as well as easy remote access from the cloud when necessary.

Enterprise-Grade File Security

Elsynz has robust security features that are constantly evolving to reflect the changing cybersecurity needs of enterprises. They include 256-bit AES encryption for data at rest and TLS/SSL protocols for data in transit, 2FA, anti-virus scanning, and endpoint device protection.

Granular user permissions for files and folders protect against unauthorized access. Client application security policies, automatic antivirus scanning, and comprehensive audit trails help Elsynz admins retain full control over enterprise data. Elsynz also has a heuristic scanning engine that automatically detects and blocks malware and ransomware.

Available on AWS, Azure, and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

With Elsynz, businesses can host their own branded file sync, share and mobile access solution on AWS (EC2, EBS and S3) for a secure, scalable, and redundant solution to your file-sharing needs.

Pre-built Elsynz VMs are available on Azure Marketplace and can be deployed in minutes. Elsynz also offers integration with Azure AD and Azure Files. Hosting Elsynz on Azure offers a low latency secure, scalable, and reliable solution to your file-sharing requirements, which includes disaster recovery and redundancy capabilities.

Elsynz can now be deployed via Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for extra choice and flexibility.

Secure Team Collaboration

Elsynz supports hyper-secure file sharing internally or externally, on premises or in the cloud. Users within the enterprise can access files directly, with appropriate permissions, and files can be shared externally as a secure link or QR code.

Users can work on files directly from their desktop using clients that support virtual drive and sync access. Endpoint backup and unlimited file versioning ensures data is never lost. For business continuity and disaster planning, Elsynz also offers ServerLink, which replicates data from one site to another.

With all these access methods, including remote access from personal devices, Elsynz never sacrifices security. Remote device management enables admins to oversee user and file activity and access a full list of connected devices. At the first sign of suspicious activity, admins can remotely block user access. They can also remotely wipe lost or stolen devices to protect data.

Secure File Sharing

There are many file-sharing applications available on the market, but enterprises need solutions that go beyond typical consumer-grade solutions. Enterprise-grade applications not only facilitate file collaboration, but also help protect data, with functionalities for life cycle management, data governance, and compliance support.

Elsynz is a user-friendly, enterprise-grade file-sharing and collaboration platform that comes with powerful security, governance, and compliance tools that allow enterprises to maintain control over sensitive data.

You don’t need to take our word for it – Elsynz is used by more than 3,000 companies across 90 countries, including world-leading universities, research organizations, government entities, and enterprises.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I share confidential files securely?

To share files securely, you should find a file-sharing system with encryption and other security features, such as protection against malware. There are many different consumer-grade file sharing solutions, including Google Drive and OneDrive. However, Elsynz offers additional features that provide enterprise-grade security.

First and foremost, all confidential files should be encrypted. Ideally, files should be shared with a share link or via an internal platform that requires user authentication to verify both identity and permissions. To protect files from external and internal threats, Elsynz’s Zero Trust File Sharing can be used to provide an extra level of security.

Is it safe to email sensitive documents?

There are many different ways to send sensitive documents securely online. For a company or organization, security can be of the utmost importance, and there are many secure online document sharing software that encrypt files so you can send them securely. Many of the popular options include OneDrive, Google Drive, and Elsynz.

Is it safe to email sensitive documents?

You cannot control your recipient’s server, which means it is difficult to verify the security of documents sent as email attachments. However, there are many ways to send documents safely, including encrypting files before sending them, or using secure file storage, sharing, and collaboration platforms such as Elsynz, which is built with security in mind.

What is the best shared drive for enterprises?

Enterprises need a shared workspace or drive for internal users to collaborate on files. Ideal drive solutions should include storage, file sharing, security, compliance, admin, customization, and an easy-to-use interface. Elsynz is a strong enterprise option that offers hyper-security, customization, and ease of use. Elsynz has flexible deployment options and can integrate seamlessly with many applications, including Microsoft Office.